August 03, 2020

I re-post this poem for Miriam on our 35th anniversary today. It originally appeared on Gentle Reformation on our 3oth anniversary. I hold to the sentiments expressed even more today. If love must

Barry York Barry York
biblical sufficiency


July 31, 2020

The Bible doesn't tell us how God will provide a job, a house or safety from a virus. But it does show us He takes care of His people—even when they can't foresee how.

J.K. Wall J.K. Wall


July 30, 2020

Ministry may be inconvenient, but Jesus brings beauty there.

Joel Hart Joel Hart



Pastor John MacArthur has had enough. Faced with new executive orders from California Governor Newsom that churches must not assemble at all due to the Corona virus, he took a stand, made a

Barry York Barry York


July 29, 2020

Whose voice have you been hearing the most: the voice of Freedom or that of Oppression?

Keith Evans Keith Evans


July 28, 2020

Introduction: As a young minister, the pastoral epistles instruct and warn me regularly. On my shelf are a host of books written from older pastors to their young Timothys. In these works, veteran

Bryan Schneider Bryan Schneider


July 27, 2020

A phrase in a verse found in Acts 6 has always intrigued me. Acts 6:7 says, And the word of God continued to increase, and the number of the disciples multiplied greatly

Barry York v2ray各种协议对比



(This article first appeared in the Reformed Presbyterian Witness--reprinted here with permission. That article in turn drew on one I wrote which first appeared here at Gentle Reformation. Anyhow, with the all the

v2ray机场 Mark Loughridge


July 21, 2020

During these hot summer days, the 3GTers decide in this episode to go for a swim where few dare to go. They jump into the deep, shark-infested waters of denominations. They first are

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July 20, 2020

v2ray协议小中转机场推荐:Electry - 夜绫千裕:2021-6-13 · 该机场建立时间不长,是纯v2ray的,节点用的都是vmess协议。线路数量不多,但是质量还不错。有港台新加坡的IEPL专线,也有美日的CN2。(我比较想要俄罗斯节点,现在steam中国版说不定什么时候就冒出来,你看G胖像是那种能给两周时间无条件转出的人

v2ray延迟严重 Barry York


July 18, 2020

IntroductionI'm on vacation in England so I'm going to make this brief - in the few words that follow I hope to stimulate & encourage you by some thoughts drawn from John Gwyn-Thomas'

v2ray协议选择 Andrew Kerr

Trusting Jesus Together

July 15, 2020

The Enemy, capital "E", is afoot. Seizing opportunities afforded by pandemic and politics, by vicious murders and violent mobs, he prowls like a lion. He wields the weapons we've granted him: the echo

v2ray服务购买 Jared Olivetti

Pray for the 2020 ARP Synod Meeting

July 14, 2020

The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARPC) Synod is scheduled to meet on August 18-20 at Bonclarken. The ARPC is dealing with a difficult situation with both our voluntary Denomination Ministry Fund (DMF) and,

Kyle E. Sims Kyle E. Sims

About Those Unclean Animals

July 13, 2020

V2Ray 简介 - Thomas Xu - Medium:由于大家更加熟悉 Shadowsocks 和 VPN,所以很多人可能会想当然地将 V2Ray 看作一个特定的翻墙协议或用于实现该协议的翻墙软件。但正如上面所说 ...

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Doubting & Believing

Capacity to Cope?

July 12, 2020

Below are my sermon notes from our first Covid-19 public worship service in Knockbracken, Belfast, today, 12 July 2020. If you are interested in a link to the pre-recorded version of the message,

Andrew Kerr Andrew Kerr


July 10, 2020

Want an episode where our lawyer-parishioner is simply on fire? You've tuned into the right place! For the pastor starts asking questions about the role of civil government and Christians' relationship to it.

Barry York Barry York

Privilege Matters, Part 2: Autonomous Anonymous

July 09, 2020

As believers, our response to allegations of systemic sin in society must not be knee-jerk defensiveness; instead, we must drop to our knees in humble self-examination before the law of our loving Savior.

Rut Etheridge III Rut Etheridge III
servant leader

Just My Socks 机场现已支持V2ray 协议 – 主机叔:V2ray协议简介 1、诞生背景 说到翻墙,我们就不得不提及Shadowsocks,我们可以将其简称为小飞机,小飞机是翻墙的老祖宗了,即便是后辈兴起的现在,小飞机在江湖上的地位还是一如既往的稳固。V2Ray 可以堪称是后起之秀,各方面的性能也十分的优秀。


As a pastor, I’m asked for counsel by young people contemplating their calling as they embark on education or as they enter the workforce. Inquiries also arise from people considering a career

James Faris James Faris

Caught by Providence

July 06, 2020

Caught in Providence is a television show whose clips are popular on the internet. The show features true scenes from the traffic courtroom of Judge Frank Caprio, who is the Chief Municipal Judge

v2ray机场 Barry York

Resuming Breakneck Speed

July 04, 2020

Years ago I went to see a film called Koyaanisqatsi. It was like Ecclesiastes without the resolution of chapters 11 & 12. It consists of slow-motion and time-lapse footage from natural landscapes and

v2ray协议 Mark Loughridge

3GT Episode 187: How Long, O Naive Ones?


If you do not know where that question comes from, you may want to look at Proverbs 1:20-22. For wisdom is shouting in the streets to be heard, and too few are

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Psalm 132


July 02, 2020

协议列表 - VMess - 《Project V(V2RAY)文档手册》 - 书栈 ...:

Sharon Sampson Sharon Sampson
deaths of despair


July 01, 2020

As "deaths of despair" are rising again in America amid the coronavirus pandemic, Christian faith offers to turn great hardship into abiding hope.

J.K. Wall v2ray协议
Bible reading

The Danger of an Open Bible


The Bible is, hands down, the most amazing book in the history of the world. Written over a period of about 16 centuries, it is made up of 66 individual books. These books

Jared Olivetti Jared Olivetti

Worshiping in God's Outdoor Sanctuary

June 29, 2020

For the past five weeks, one of the locations of our two-sited congregation has hosted services outside to have a safer worship experience during the Corona crisis. As we are located near the

Barry York Barry York